Apple Decor Catalogs


Apple Decor Catalogs

apple decor catalogs


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Apple Extended Keyboard II

Apple Extended Keyboard II
I was getting sick of the Apple USB extended keyboard that I upgraded from the small one that originally came with the G4. I have had it for several years, while I noticed that typing for a long period of time seemed top tire my hands more than if I used my Powerbook or even the keyboards on my Dell or Thinkpad. Then I saw an article about the best keyboards ever, one being the Apple Extended Keyboard II (which I have several).

At this, I put more thought into it. I went to the Apple store to try out the current keyboards to see if I liked those and would get one when I get my new Mac Pro when Leopard comes out. I did not like them, they were about the same keyclick feel. So I got myself an ADB/USB device off of eBay and here I am… typing this on my new old keyboard.

So far I am a little clumsy wit it, the board sits higher throwing off my typing, but I am sure I will get used to it quickly enough.

Apple fini

Apple fini
Finished…may noodle with it a bit more but mostly I’m done.

This apple comes from the same tree that I painted in blossom earlier this Spring.

apple decor catalogs

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